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Past Shows


Tom Kimmel with cameo guest Laura Sickles
Big Wide Grin with special guests Nick Peters & Steve Erickson
 Jack Williams
Al Petteway and Amy White
Bill Staines with Kensington Station
Scott Ainslie with special guests Chatham Street
Eliot Bronson with special guest Dean Fields
Nick Annis and Sally Spring
Squid Jiggers
Beth Wood and Grace Pettis
Gathering Time
Jonathan Byrd
Danielle Miraglia
Joe Crookston
Jacob Johnson
Martinez and Guthrie
Dana and Susan Robinson
Acoustic Eidolon
Danny Schmidt
Dead Men’s Hollow, with special guest Bob Gramann
Randall Williams
Jon Shain
Roy Zimmerman, with special guest Jean Bayou
Rebecca Loebe (Rebecca couldn’t make it so we had Jenn Grinels) and David Glaser
Greg Greenway and Reggie Harris
Allison Downey and John Austin, with special guest R.J. Cowdery
Pierce Pettis, with special guest R.J. Cowdery
Amy Speace
Small Potatoes
Peter Mayer, with special guests The Sterling Trio
Erica Wheeler, with special guests The Harley String Band


Tuesday Dec. 14 Joe Jencks and Gathering Time
Saturday December 4 Kate Campbell
Tuesday Nov. 23 Reba’s Picks: Chuck Brodsky
Sunday November 21 Beaucoup Blue
Friday Nov. 5 Garnet Rogers
Tuesday Oct. 26 Ellen Bukstel and Bob Sima
Sunday October 17 Andrew McKnight and Beyond Borders
Tuesday Oct. 12 “It’s All About the Drums” featuring Cheryl Prashker, Zoe Mulford and TBA
Saturday October 2 We’re About 9 with special guests Bumpkin Pie
Tuesday Sept. 28 Greg Klyma with special guest Karyn Oliver
Sunday September 19 Vance Gilbert with special guests Beggars Ride (Vance is also doing afternoon PERFORMANCE workshop) INFO
Tuesday Sept. 14 David Roth
Tuesday August 24 Treasa Levasseur Band
Saturday August 21 Anne Hills
Tuesday August 10
Reba’s Picks: amilia k spicer and Lara Herscovitch
Tuesday July 27 Carla Ulbrich and John Forster
Tuesday July 13 Rod and Annie Capps and Greg Trooper
Tuesday June 22 Wishing Chair with special guest Owen Danoff
Tuesday June 8 John Wort Hannam with cameo by Kensington Station
Tuesday May 25 Cliff Eberhardt
Sunday May 16 Lindsay Mac Band with special guest Margot MacDonald
Tuesday May 11 John Denver Tribute with members of the Friends With You Band, featuring Chris Collins and Mark Cormican, with others TBD

Tuesday Apr. 27 Toby Walker and Pat Wictor
Sunday April 18 Don White with special guest Nick Annis
Tuesday Apr. 13 Angelo M with special guest Sol
Tuesday Mar. 23 Chuck Pyle
Sunday March 14 The Kennedys with special guest Dan Cohn (Plus:  SONGWRITING WORKSHOP in the afternoon)
Tuesday Mar. 9 Dave Nachmanoff
Tuesday Feb. 23 Cosy Sheridan
Sunday February 14 Scott Ainslie with special guest David LaFleur
Tuesday Feb. 9 Garnet Rogers – POSTPONED
Tuesday Jan. 26 Craig Bickhardt with special guest Meghan Cary
Tuesday Jan. 12 Hungry for Music Benefit (to donate musical instruments to young performers) featuring Doug Alan Wilcox, David Lafleur, Michelle Swan, and Jerry Bresee
Sunday January 10 Hungry for Music Benefit (to donate musical instruments to young performers) featuring The Sweater Set, BumpKin Pie, Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers, and Lisa Taylor and Dana Connor


Wednesday Dec. 9 The Laws
Wednesday Nov. 11 The Rhythm Angels and K.C. Clifford
Sunday November 8 The Two Man Gentlemen Band, with special guest Shannon Wurst
Wednesday Oct. 28 Reba’s Picks: Joe Crookston and Dave Potts
Sunday Oct. 18 Miche Fambro; Brad Yoder with Jason Rafalak
Wednesday Oct. 14 Jim Photoglo with special guests Ruthie Logsdon and Greg Hardin (Ruthie and the Wranglers)
Wednesday Sept. 23 Reba’s Picks: John Flynn with special guest ellen cherry
Sunday Sept. 20 Kim and Reggie Harris
Wednesday Sept 9 Hot Soup with Tomy Wright
Wednesday Aug. 29 Greg Greenway
Wednesday Aug. 12 The Brilliant Inventions (Eliot Bronson & Josh Lamkin)
Wednesday July 22 Kevin So and Cary Cooper
Wednesday July 8 Tori Sparks and Bluehouse
Wednesday May 27 James Lee Stanley and John Batdorf
Wednesday June 10 Dan Pelletier with special guest Val Nebbia
Sunday June 14 Amy Speace with James Mastro (of the Tearjerks)
Wednesday June 24 Danielle Miraglia and Jacob Johnson
Sunday May 17 Jonathan Byrd with special guest Carey Creed
Wednesday May 13 Jack Williams with special guest Sally Spring
Wednesday Apr. 22 David Jacobs-Strain and Toby Walker
Sunday April 19 Buskin & Batteau with special guest Dulcie Taylor
Wednesday Mar. 25 Pierce Pettis with special guest Tom Dews
Wednesday Mar. 11 Cliff Eberhardt with special guest Claudia Russell
Wednesday Feb. 25 Chris Chandler & Paul Benoit and special guest Pam Parker
Sunday March 8 Holly Near with special guests emma’s revolution
Wednesday Feb. 11 Darden Smith with special guest Abi Tapia
Sunday February 8 David Roth with special guest Cletus Kennelly and Lori Kelley
Monday Feb. 2 “Remembering Vic Heyman” Scholarship Fundraiser (Click on date to see details and note alternate concert location) (Tickets: $25 at door./$20 in advance) Bet Williams, Terri Allard, Hot Soup, John Jennings, Siobhan Quinn and Michael Bowers, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer
Wednesday Jan. 28 Julie Clark CD Release with special guest David Glaser
Wednesday Jan. 14 Pat Wictor and Jon Shain
Sunday January 11 Hot Soup with special guest David LaFleur


Wednesday Dec. 10 Greg Klyma with special guest Hannah Spiro
Wednesday Nov 12 Vic’s Picks: John Jennings and Jon Vezner
Sunday November 9 The Dave Rowe Trio with special guest Doug Brouder
Wednesday Nov 12 Vic’s Picks: John Jennings and Jon Vezner
Sunday November 9 The Dave Rowe Trio with special guest Doug Brouder
Wednesday Oct 22 Vic’s Picks: Terri Allard
Sunday October 12 Tribute to Jay Votel with Lucy Kaplansky with special guests Betty Jo & Scott Rockwell with Barry Bryan (former members with Jay in Allegheny Uprising)
Tuesday Oct. 7 Johnsmith
Sunday Sept 21 Scott Ainslie with special guest David Lafleur (Late news: David is not able to make it. It will be a full evening of Scott’s performance.)

Wednesday Sept 10 Vic’s Picks: We’re About 9 and Rachel Garlin
Wednesday Aug. 27 Greg Greenway with special guest Vicky Emerson
Wednesday Aug. 13 Big Wide Grin
Wednesday July 23 Amy Speace and The Tearjerks
WednesdayJ uly 9 Allison Downey & John Austin and Sense of Wonder
Wednesday June 25 Politics and Humor: Tom Neilson and Carla Ulbrich
Wednesday June 11 Vic’s Picks: The Kennedys
Sunday June 8 Ellis and Bob Sima
Wednesday May 28 Falcon Ridge Preview Tour: featuring Randall Williams, Joe Crookston and Lindsay Mac 
Sunday May 18 John Flynn with special guest Spencer Bates
Wednesday May 14 Tom Kimmel with special guest Karyn Oliver  NEW – sound clip
Wednesday April 23 Annie Gallup with special guest Michael Berkowitz  NEW – sound clip
Sunday April 13 Michael Smith with special guest Chuck Hall
Wednesday April 9 Amy Speace and the Tearjerks – CANCELLED due to illness
Jerry Bresee, along with Drew Holland, performed
Wednesday March 12 Lea and Doug Alan Wilcox with Wilpower
Wednesday March 26 Miche Fambro and Randall Williams
Sunday March 9 Paul Reisler(formerly of Trapezoid) and Paddy Dougherty
Wednesday February 27 Teresa Storch, Danielle Miraglia and Chuck E. Costa
Wednesday February 13 Erica Wheeler – CD Release with special guest Jesse Palidofsky
Sunday February 10 Modern Man
Wednesday January 23 Jim Photoglo and Tena Moyer
Sunday January 13 Magpie
Wednesday January 9 Bill Staines with special guest Sally Spring


Wednesday December 12 Hot Soup with special guest Stuart Markus
Sunday December 9 Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers and Mae Robertson & Jim Ohlschmidt
Wednesday November 28 Chuck Brodsky with special guests Chapter Three
Sunday November 18 Phil Ochs Song Night (scheduled performers: Pat Wictor, Magpie, John Flynn and Greg Greenway)
Wednesday Nov. 14 Red Molly
Wednesday Oct. 24 Vic’s Picks: Amy Speace with the Tearjerks and special guest Trina Hamlin
Sunday October 14 Dreamsicles
Wednesday Oct. 10 Liz Carlisle with Russell Wolff
Wednesday Sept. 26 Vic’s Picks: Bill Morrissey
Wednesday Sept. 12 Martine Locke and Trina Hamlin
Sunday September 9 Garnet Rogers with special guest Carey Creed 
Wednesday Aug. 22 Dave Nachmanoff with special guest Jerry Bresee
Wednesday Aug. 8 Vic’s Picks: Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers
Wednesday July 25 Joe Jencks and Rachel Cross
Wednesday July 11 We’re About 9, with special guest Hannah Spiro
Wednesday June 27 John Wort Hannam with special guests Janine Davy & Heartspeak
Wednesday June 13 Zoe Mulford and Nick Annis, plus Cheryl Prashker
Sunday June 10 Deidre McCalla and Amy Carol Webb
Wednesday May 23 Joe Crookston and Kym Tuvim
Sunday May 20 Johnsmith with special guest David A. Alberding
Wednesday May 9 Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen
Wednesday April 25 Maria Dunn with special guest Dave Potts
Sunday April 15 Al Petteway & Amy White
Wednesday April 11 Vic’s Picks: SONiA with special guest Jud Caswell
Wednesday March 28 Mike Morris and Heather Mike and Tinsmith
Wednesday March 14 Wishing Chair and Jim Bizer & Jan Krist
Sunday March 11 Kim and Reggie Harris
Wednesday Feb. 28 Garnet Rogers with special guests Lynn Véronneau & Ken Avis
Wednesday Feb. 14 Doug Alan Wilcox (CD release) and Amy Speace – CANCELLED due to weather
Sunday February 11 Julie Clark and Big Wide Grin
Wednesday Jan. 24 Jonathan Byrd and Karen Mal
Sunday January 14 Modern Man
Wednesday Jan. 10 Peter Mayer

Upcoming events

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