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We're certainly living in uncertain times - but one thing remains true: artists and musicians will FIND A WAY and Focus Music would like to assist that as much as we're able.

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Below is a selection of upcoming shows from Focus alumni as well as a bunch of other online concert listings for your to explore. With almost any show there will be the option to support the artist financially, but remember to "Like", "Share" and "Follow" too! Join those mailing lists for when these artists are able to come see us again!

Upcoming Shows











The Kennedys' '69-'67 Beatles Livestream Special!

The Kennedys

This is the final installment of our four-part Beatles mini-series: Episode Four --The songs of 1969 and 1970! This will include songs from "Let it Be" and "Abbey Road"! This final installment of The Beatles' oeuvre came at the end of a tumultuous time in America, so it makes sense that, as we close the book on yet another trying chapter in our history, and we usher in a hopefully kinder and more loving era, we do so with some of the Beatles' deepest and most complex and healing songs. Please join us, Sunday, January 24, 2021 at 2pm Eastern (NYC) Time.




Live From the Left Coast

Roy Zimmerman




"To Race The Wind"

Claudia Nygaard

Claudia's daddy was a rancher, and she grew up scuffing up her litttle cowgirl boots on a lot of adobe. These are the songs inspired by her roots, and a preview of the songs for her upcoming western album "To Race The Wind".





Jonathan Byrd, Scott Cook and Corin Raymond

Live from Edmonton, AB, Hamilton, ON and Teer, North Carolina – Three great songwriters who’ve worked and played extensively together as co-writers, fellow travellers and when-not-at-home troubadours perform songs they’ve written with each other, for each other, and on each other.




Kipyn Martin and Kristen Manville




Joan and Joni A Tribute to Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell

Kipyn Martin and Allison Shapira

Repeating Shows

Every Sunday:

2pm EDT The Kennedys' Weekly, Uplifting, All-Request Livestream

4pm ET Learn an Emma's Revolution Song!

7pm CT Claudia Nygaard
#1 Album on Cashbox Roots/Country Chart. Includes two winning songs from Kerrville Folk Festival Songwriting Competition.

Every Monday:

10am ET Morning Cordial w Jud Caswell

7pm EDT rob's VOM (Virtual Open Mic)
rob & Rowan of ilyAIMY continuing to give the performing community an OUTLET when we need it most! Tune in Live on Facebook, YouTube or Twitch

7.30pm EST Vance Gilbert's MondayNightAcousticPajamaParty Kinda Of Forgiveness and Hope

8PM ET Dan Navarro Live on Facebook

Every Tuesday:

10am ET Morning Cordial w Jud Caswell

2pm ET Terrific Tuesdays w SONiA

Every Wednesday:

(this is the big one, no - we don't know why either!)

10am ET Morning Cordial w Jud Caswell

12.10pm ET Lunch Hour Live w Karyn Oliver
New songs and requests.

6pm ET JAMMIN' IN MY JAMMIESLucie Blue Tremblay

7pm ET Suzie Vinnick
Roots and Blues music - originals and covers and your requests!

7PM ET Jonathan Byrd

7PM ET ilyAIMY Live from the Lair!
On FB, YT & Twitch: award-winning percussive acoustic rock-folk from Baltimore, MD. Acoustic guitar, electric cello, eclectic percussion.

7:30PM ET  Carla Ulbrich
YouTube livestreams of humorous songs about surviving the current madness, with live chat, song topics requests and viewer mail segments!

8PM ET Dan Navarro
Live on YouTube  

Every Thursday:

10am ET Morning Cordial w Jud Caswell

Every Friday:

10am ET Morning Cordial w Jud Caswell

7pm ET Busk at Dusk w John Flynn

Every Saturday:

2PM ET Dan Navarro
Live on Twitch  

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Virtual Music Events Directory
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