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We're certainly living in uncertain times - but one thing remains true: artists and musicians will FIND A WAY and Focus Music would like to assist that as much as we're able.

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Below is a selection of upcoming shows from Focus alumni as well as a bunch of other online concert listings for your to explore. With almost any show there will be the option to support the artist financially, but remember to "Like", "Share" and "Follow" too! Join those mailing lists for when these artists are able to come see us again!

Upcoming Shows










Live from the Lair


5-piece ilyAIMY packed into the Lair for the first-of-the-month Live from the Lair show. Award-winning singer/songwriters rob Hinkal & Heather Aubrey Lloyd w Kristen Jones (electric cello), Sharif Kellogg (piano) and Joey Jenkins (drums)


7 PM


Zachary Stevenson Tribute to Phil Ochs

Zachary Stevenson

Originally from Vancouver Island, Canada, Zachary was coined a “dead ringer for dead singers” by the Victoria Times Colonist for his portrayals of Phil Ochs, Buddy Holly, Hank Williams and roles based on Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis.




Swallow Hill Music - Virtual Concert

Tom Paxton

Join Grammy award-winning legend Tom Paxton with Grammy award winning songwriters Don Henry & Jon Vezner on Thursday, April 8th at 7 PM Mountain Time, for an intimate concert experience full of harmonies, original songs and superb musicianship. Stick around for a 15 minute audience Q&A following the show.


8 PM


Small Potatoes at Home

Small Potatoes

From the start, Small Potatoes have called themselves eclecto-maniacs and described their music as “Celtic to Cowboy”. They say it has taken them “years of careful indecision” to come up with a mix of music that ranges from country, blues, and swing to Irish, with songwriting that touches on all of those styles and more. TICKETS: $10.00 Livestream Individual Ticket & $20.00 Livestream Package (Includes all four Spotlight Performances)




Across the Atlantic Live Stream

Andrew McKnight

After a year in which our world got smaller even in our isolation, I'm thrilled to be doing a show timed for European family and friends. It's a full hour live from my "Make-a-Living" room, and I may try simulcasting on Facebook as well. Your donations are gratefully accepted via Venmo, Square or PayPal at - thank you for helping me keep the roof overhead and this crazy journey going!

YouTube Live, Lincoln VA


7 PM


Claudia Nygaard: "She Can Sure Pick 'Em"

Claudia Nygaard

The majority of the songs in this show will be from "Lucky Girl" or will have been written since that album. But the purpose of this show is to give Claudia the opportunity to play whatever moves her in the moment… so who knows!


8 PM


Jon Shain, Suzie Vinnick and FJ entre

Jon Shain is a veteran singer-songwriter who's been turning heads for years with his words, his fiery acoustic guitar work, and his evolved musical style - combining improvised piedmont blues with bluegrass, swing, and ragtime. Shain is the 2019 International Blues Challenge winner in the solo/duo category.


7 PM


Woodstock Wednesdays


Magpie, the duo of Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner, is “…simply, absolutely, unequivocally wonderful. They’ll thrill you to boots, melt your heart. The controlled beauty of Terry’s singing is what hits you first, but she also plays a mean harp, and Greg’s relaxed accompaniment compliments her perfectly…” ~ (Colin Irwin, “Melody Maker,” Norwich Folk Festival, Norwich, England) In celebration of Earth Day, Magpie’s songs will focus on our planet and the environment.




Celebrating Earth Day

Andrew McKnight


7 PM


Woodstock Wednesdays

Jon Shain

Jon Shain is a veteran singer-songwriter who’s been turning heads for years with his words, his fiery acoustic guitar work, and his evolved musical style – combining improvised piedmont blues with bluegrass, swing, and ragtime. Jon premieres for Woodstock Wednesdays April 28, 7pm/CDT.




Third Street Coffeehouse

Claudia Nygaard


Repeating Shows

Every Sunday:

2pm EDT The Kennedys' Weekly, Uplifting, All-Request Livestream

Every Monday:

7pm EDT rob's VOM (Virtual Open Mic)
rob & Rowan of ilyAIMY continuing to give the performing community an OUTLET when we need it most! Tune in Live on Facebook, YouTube or Twitch

7.30pm EST Vance Gilbert's MondayNightAcousticPajamaParty Kinda Of Forgiveness and Hope

8PM ET Dan Navarro Live on Facebook

Every Tuesday:

10am ET CoffeeAndASong w Marci Geller

Every Wednesday:

(this is the big one, no - we don't know why either!)

10am ET CoffeeAndASong w Marci Geller

12.10pm ET Lunch Hour Live w Karyn Oliver
New songs and requests.

6pm ET JAMMIN' IN MY JAMMIESLucie Blue Tremblay

7pm ET Suzie Vinnick
Roots and Blues music - originals and covers and your requests!

7PM ET Jonathan Byrd

7PM ET ilyAIMY Live from the Lair!
On FB, YT & Twitch: award-winning percussive acoustic rock-folk from Baltimore, MD. Acoustic guitar, electric cello, eclectic percussion.

7:30PM ET  Carla Ulbrich
YouTube livestreams of humorous songs about surviving the current madness, with live chat, song topics requests and viewer mail segments!

8PM ET Dan Navarro
Live on YouTube  

Every Thursday:

10am ET CoffeeAndASong w Marci Geller

Every Friday:

10am ET Morning Cordial w Jud Caswell

7pm ET Busk at Dusk w John Flynn

Every Saturday:

2PM ET Dan Navarro
Live on Twitch  

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